Freelancer in Berlin working as a facilitator, problem solver and infinite optimist who loves to create stories. I live my life in beta.

Breakfast. It’s calm. I just hear the buzzing of the fridge. The cats have left the kitchen after their breakfast while I’m still munching on my musli bowl and cup of coffee.

I stand at the window looking into the backyard and to the row of apartment houses across the small gardens — facing us, facing me. Some with balconies, some with a shared garden. Some trees are still clinging to their last orange and brown leaves. …

I remember when the pandemic hit Europe and every country went into lockdown, jobs and projects got cancelled, my first thought was “And what do I do now?”

I worked the last 10 years mostly as a facilitator in face-to-face workshops, trainings and projects. Supporting a group of people to solve their challenges and creating space and trust for experiences and experiments. And now it seemed everything was about to change.

Luckily, my project team decided to move fully online and I could continue my work — which included to facilitate 10+ service design workshops, a full design sprint and other follow ups. …

In 15 years I owned 3 different MacBooks. I still remember every and each of them.

The first one, a MacBook Pro, heavy loaded with a CD-ROM drive lost its life after 4 years to a tea accident. Funny enough, it didn’t really lose its life although there were a lot of sparks and smoke. It still somehow ‚worked’, it was mostly the screen that stopped functioning but with an external monitor you could still make it run. I used it for years as my backup computer. Just recently I gave it to recycling.

The second one, a second generation MacBook Air was with me for 4 years. No CD-ROM drive, lighter, nicer. But it lacked the capacity for heavier tasks like video editing. So, I passed it on to my girlfriend at the time — who was also involved in the tea incident. She used it well for a couple of more years after. I realize that I have no idea what eventually happened to it and make a note to ask her next time I see her. …

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